Chokshi & Chokashi LLP

About Us

About Us

The journey at Chokshi & Chokshi was started by Mr. Rajnikant S. Chokshi, an inspiring leader and visionary. He was later joined by Mr. Kanu S. Chokshi, a firm believer in high quality and timely deliverables who together co-founded the Firm “Chokshi & Chokshi” in 1976. Having served clients since 1976, the firm has a national presence in 5 locations with its headquarters at Mumbai, the Financial Capital of India and Servicing Clients in local jurisdictions as well as Globally.

Our Team

The multi faceted team at Chokshi & Chokshi is diverse in academics as well as professional experiences. It has depth of experience and vigour of youth which has resulted in a specialized team which aims at servicing the clients with high quality professional expertise.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Committed in maintaining integrity of work conduct.

Excellence: Constantly striving to achieve highest professional standards and quality of services.

Passion to perform: Constantly striving to outperform ourselves by innovative thinking, continuous reviewing & remodeling work processes in pursuit of success considering client interests at all times.

People: The Firm values its people and believes in working as a team. It strives to continuously identify & develop people’s skill sets, provide challenging opportunities and friendly environment at work.